Working on a new game!

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We’re hard at work on a new game for mobile and web: Dwarven Paths.

It’s a strategy/action game where you send your warriors to battle by drawing their paths from your castle and towers. Kinda like a mix between Warcraft and Flight Control.

Right now we’re working on Unity to go multi-platform. It’s a great tool – and C# is a great language. I missed those lambda functions!

Dwarven Paths

Dwarven Paths2


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Our first game, Inkthings, is coming!

Screenshot 2013-12-29 14.33.14

In it, you will discover a great power: the power of drawing.

You’ll use it to invent your own Inkthing…

Screenshot 2013-12-29 14.33.48

and then to defend it against hordes of nasty Inkthings.

Screenshot 2013-12-29 14.34.17

Battle different types of crazy enemies, like the Sleepy Fish, the Sixtopus and the Tough Guy.

Screenshot 2013-12-29 14.38.56

Grab power-ups that will give you amazing powers, like the Shield, Time Stop and the Infinite Red Ink.

Earn points by collecting stars and making combos. Get a high score to compete in the leaderboards!

Finish all 10 levels to unlock the chaotically fun Survival Mode.

And if you lose, remember: it’s just ink – you can draw again!